For many years Real Estate Properties in Barcelona have been very popular among those who want to buy a property abroad, thanks to its good quality of life,  big choice of real estate properties for sell and their excellent quality and affordable prices. In addition, buying a real estate property in Barcelona  is also a good investment, as well as the possibility of obtaining an annual multivisa or Residence Permit.


Our company offers a full range of services for those who want to purchase a Real Estate property in Barcelona, including:


1. Real Estate Personal Shopper: Customized search of Real Estate properties in Barcelona

2 . Legal support related to the acquisition of a Real Estate property in Barcelona

3 . Interior design, architectural and repair works

4 . After-sale service

5 . A Residence Permit in Spain (Golden Visa Spain – read more here) and Relocation Services

After signing the agreement with our company we proceed as follows:

• consultation with a Real Estate specialist and making a request with search parameters

• selection of properties from the company´s database or making a contract for the individual property search

• organizing the visits to the properties

• opening a bank account (if necessary, also coordinating the mortgage) and applying for the foreigner registration identification number (NIE)

• prepare the first private sale contract  with the owner

• due diligence of a real estate property by our lawyers

• preparation of all documents for the signing of the notary deed , and coordinating the preparation of  the payment

• signing of the notary deed at the notary, hand over the keys and documents for the property

• registration of the deed with the tax authorities and property registry

• signing the contract for after-sales service (payment of the taxes on property ownership , registration of contracts for electricity, water , internet , etc.)

• Interior design, architectural and repair works and their full implementation

• Spanish Residence permit

From the wide range of our services, you can choose any service separately.