Relocation Services in Barcelona

Our Relocation Services in Barcelona are designed to make the process of moving here easier for you, ensuring you can save time and reduce the stress and hassle. As we all know, moving to a new country is an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful and time consuming because of many errands and unfamiliar paperwork that you will have to deal with in a new country and in a foreign language. Our Relocation Services in Barcelona include:

  • House search (flat to buy or rent in Barcelona) 
  • Opening a bank account in Barcelona
  • Barcelona City Hall registration (Empadronamiento) 
  • Social Security registration
  • Tax office registration
  • Private medical insurance, vehicle and house insurance 
  • Registration with the public health care system. (Medical Card)
  • Register a newly born baby in Spain and get a Birth Certificate and a Family Book (Libro de Familia)
  • Vehicle Import and Registration
  • Driving license exchange
  • Connecting utilities (phone, water, gas, internet, etc.) 
  • University/ school search in Barcelona
  • Spanish language courses in Barcelona (search and help with enrolling in the course) 
  • Apostille of the Hague Convention for the notary documents issued in Spain 
  • Legalized translations of official documents 
  • Criminal Records certificate from Spain 
  • Translator at business meetings, governmental offices etc