Depending on the nature of the business you wish to start, our lawyers will advise you on whether you need to become self-employed (Autonomo), or set up a limited (SL) or public company (SA).

In case of an SL, the procedure will be as follows:

1. Apply for a NIE number   (find more information here)

2. Name registration

Three acceptable company names are submitted to the “company house” in Spain, starting with the favourite.  Once your name has been accepted (approx. 3-5 days) you will be required to open a bank account. You will have to register the company within 3 months of receiving the official name certificate, otherwise it will expire and you will have to reapply.

3. Open a bank account

When setting up a limited company (Sociedad Limitada) you will have to deposit a minimum of €3000, as your share capital, into an account opened in a bank of your choice.   When setting up a public company (Sociedad Anonima), the procedure is similar except you will have to deposit a minimum of 25% of the €60,000 share capital into the bank account.

4. Title deed at the Notary

Once in possession of the official registered name certificate and the bank certificate, you can proceed to the signature of the company title deed at the Notary. The title deed will state the statutes and activities of the company as well as its shareholders and their liabilities (we will prepare them beforehand).

5. Register the company at the Mercantile Registry, get a temporary and then a permanent tax ID number (CIF)

Our specialists will take care of all the issues and accompany you to the notary for the signature of the title deed.

Procedure takes from 7 days (for SL Express) to 21 days (SL or SA), depending on the type of company to register.

In case of registering as a Self-employed (Autonomo), the steps will be as follows:

1. Apply for the NIE number.

2. Register in the Social Security Office (Oficina de Seguridad Social– see their website here)

3. Register in the Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria), where we will put you into a detailed category of autonomo. Each category describes a type of work, profession or commercial activity and has a code number.